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Husqvarna Rubber Logging Boots



Rubber Boot Liners


Felt liner for the Rubber 
Logging Boots. Reinforced heel 
with open front. Helps keep 
your feet warm and dry for 
longer time periods.


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2932 Kings Run Road  Ceres, PA


Comfortable work boots means a lot when you’re facing a long day’s work. We offer a comprehensive range of 
foot protection with high quality materials. All our footwear has been designed for maximum comfort and stability, 
to meet the requirements of different types of outdoor work

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Outdoor Power Equipment, Inc.

Rubber Logger Boots


Handmade boot with approved 
chainsaw protection. Extra reinforced 
upper part with toe-cap and 
reinforcement around the sole. Deep 
lacing at the back and ridges on the 
leg, plus a new heel cap make it easier 
to put on and take off the boot. 
Canvas lining. Sole can be fitted with 

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